3 Ways To Check If Your Brand Influencer Has Fake Followers

Third-party tools can help extend your knowledge and streamline your Instagram content management efforts. After registering with your chosen software, you’ll need to connect your business accounts. Your software tools should provide you clear guidance during this step.

While this data may not directly correlate to a specific post, it’s straightforward to cross-reference clicks with the timing of recent posts and stories. Sooraj Divakaran is a Digital Marketing & Content Strategist. He has 12+ years of marketing experience with leading brands like Logitech, TCS, Infosys, and Lenovo. You can even add the “link in the bio” text on your post captions to encourage your users to visit your website. More engagement would mean more followers which would mean an increased presence which would ultimately mean more sales.

If you don’t already have an account, go to the app store on your device and download the Instagram app. Once the app is downloaded on your device, tap the app to open it. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips. The top 5 things you need to do everyday to grow your Instagram community. Pages of tips on how to make sure you have fresh content every single week to share on Instagram. I told myself that none of the top fashion bloggers respond to comments and I wanted to emulate those fashion bloggers.

Weekends – Saturdays are meant for lighter fare, versus heavy images or thoughts. Take Sundays off and think about the types of content you might post in the upcoming week. While you’re away, you’ll build suspense for Monday morning. If you aren’t using Instagram for your business, you might be missing out on a crucial marketplace that flourishes on current behaviors and unique followers.

Read more about https://www.ingeniumweb.com/blog/post/why-instagram-likes-are-so-important/5151/ here. Check out our award-winning blog, free tools and other resources that make online advertising easy. Turn off notifications, and then watch how much you mindlessly, without even knowing it, check or refresh your apps. Create new rituals in the mornings and evenings rather than scrolling social media. Call a friend, do social activities, or do a face mask and don’t IG-Story it. Simply not getting enough validation on social media can increase depression and anxiety, especially in the most vulnerable populations for whom these platforms may contribute to a cycle of rejection.

#Cute puts your content in a pool of Instagram photos and videos that elicit “awes” from all over the Instaverse. If you think your puppy is the cutest puppy that ever lived, it deserves a photo with this esteemed hashtag. The average is eleven, with half of Instagram accounts using between one and three.

Some influencers charge large amounts of money if they have a substantial follower base and an engaged audience. Instead, try to imply some sort of action with the pictures you post. Pictures of two people talking, or of hands engaged in a task are more interesting to the human eye. The most obvious answers are images and content that your followers will find interesting.

From this data, we could assume that people are more likely to be browsing Instagram, perhaps looking for inspiration for home decor, on Sundays. Here are some metrics that can help you decide when is the right time to post. In order to increase your Instagram reach, you first need to start tracking it. Reach helps you understand how much exposure your content gets. Impressions will always be equal to or higher than reach, so it can be helpful to compare the two metrics. It’s useful to look at impressions as well, because they can indicate how engaging your content is.

To view the number of likes, the profile will need to go to the desired story view page and look for the small heart icon. Therefore, it is good to increase the number of followers and buy likes, which will constitute about 5-10% of the number of followers. YES. Even in 2022, it’s still important to buy Instagram views. In 2022, Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly active users.

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