4 Killer Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy With Instagram

The entries not only helped create audience engagement but also served as positive testimonials to the company’s services. When you’re starting out, promote a few different types of posts and analyse their engagement. This will help you identify the type of promoted posts that are most likely to give you the best response. For example, you might experiment with different aesthetics, such as a standalone image post, a video post or a text-based post to see what gets your audience’s attention. User-generated content is a great way Instagram promotion strategy because it builds trust with your audience. Many people trust other people’s words and opinions over that of the brands they follow.

Post when your audience in online – use a scheduling tool to make sure the posts go out at the best time. Promote your Instagram presence on your blog – show your Instagram on your blog and make it easy for your blog audience to follow you on Instagram. For instance, you can provide a nametag to allow people to follow you with a simple scan. The visibility of and the engagement with an Instagram post decreases with time. Over 50% of comments are posted within 6 hours after publishing your post. When the ability of your post to engage decreases you need to post something new – or you will be invisible and forgotten.

Read more about buy IG Likes here. Instagram recently launched new interactive poll stickers on Instagram Stories which lets you ask questions and see results from your followers as they vote. Unlike the case for regular Instagram posts, Instagram won’t penalize you for posting too many Instagram Stories — and it all has to do with the ephemeral nature of Instagram Stories. When picking a cover photo, try to find one that captures the overall message of your video and has the best chance of stopping viewers from scrolling past your content. Instagram video posts have evolved quite a bit since they were first introduced in 2013.

One of Instagram’s little-known features is the ability to pin up to three comments for each post. Emoji can help draw the reader’s eye and are appropriate for most types of accounts on this visual social network. Maybe you want to satisfy curiosity by showing off how your product is made. Or share an employee’s perspective to humanize your brand. If you want to position your brand in an aspirational way, you could try showcasing the lifestyle or achievements of your customers. You can run a one-time promotional contest on the platform to test the waters.

This will give your followers a taste of what they missed out on if they couldn’t attend themselves. Instagram is a powerful social media tool that can help you promote your business. It has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms with its mobile-friendly and visually-rich format. Social media is all about people, so post Reels that feature people behind your business and what their day-to-day life is like.

People get notifications when you like and comment on their posts and may check out your profile to return the favor. Like all social media networks, Instagram is about the communities built within it. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow too many other accounts too fast. Your follower ratio is the number of people who follow you compared to the number of people you follow. If your Instagram feed is full of compelling content that’s relevant to their interests, they’re likely to return the favor. There’s a feature account for just about every niche and interest on Instagram.

All in all, using Instagram Stories Highlights is a great way for you to attract new followers. With Highlights, you can quickly showcase what your business does, what you offer, and why someone should follow you. The goal is to create a depth of field, similar to how you would in photography. You basically want to space out busy photos with a mix of more clean or minimal photos to achieve a nice balance. One of the hardest parts of making your Instagram feed look amazing is figuring out how to make all your individual photos look good beside each other. When someone lands on your profile, you only have a few seconds to convert them into a follower, and this is often decided by a quick glance or scroll of your feed.

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