8 Amazing Examples Of Instagram Giveaways

Identifying which blog posts go where and promoting them can take time, so research about any software you can use to help you save time, whether they offer bulk scheduling or quick reviews. With Spotlight you can create feeds that feature photos and videos from multiple Instagram accounts within the same feed. Simply connect the Instagram user accounts you want to display posts from and select them in the “Connect” step of the feed editor in Spotlight. Consider the number of ways you can take advantage of an Instagram feed on your website. For one, you could ensure that your users enjoy your Instagram content, and you’re set to get more followers that way.

Visit our partners page for a list of common third-party sources. The company also revealed that it’s testing a way for users to ask their friends to confirm their identities in order to regain access to their accounts. The feature works by first entering a previous password that you’ve used to access your account.

To streamline this process and plan your Instagram posts and stories, you can use Combin Scheduler, a tool for Instagram content planning. Caitlin is a Content Marketing expert at Iconosquare, based in Berlin. She’s passionate about creating ROI-driven content strategies and sharing her best tips on social media marketing. She’s also into true crime, loves ‘80’s music, and spends too much time online shopping.

Read more about https://www.solostream.com/helpdesk/instagram-wordpress-website-for-getting-more-followers/ here. But there are a few cases where embedding a social feed to your website can really pay off. Do you want your social media feed to show up on your homepage?. Figure out where on your website to add it so it will best accomplish the goals you defined. Wherever you think about adding it, consider if it will help with the main goal of that page, or if it could distract from it.

Of course, this service is not free to use, but we think it is well worth the investment to always be ahead of the competition, and to be able to grow your Instagram profile organically. In our opinion, one of the best sites to buy organic Instagram followers in 2022 and boost your manual growth is Growthsilo. It’s important to increase your Instagram presence with real, engaged followers, and that’s exactly what happens when you buy real followers from Seek Socially. Everything is powered by humans and you’ll get real growth.

HypePlanner is an Instagram growth service that promises a “massive global fanbase” on Instagram without much effort on your part. Their Instagram experts claim to be able to grow their client accounts with 1000s of new followers monthly, and not fake followers but real, engaged Instagram users. For a low weekly cost, Firing Table becomes your own personal Instagram account manager. You’ll still be fully in charge of posting, of course, but you’ll have a social media team working 24/7 on your account on your behalf. Firing Table automates your engagements, so while you focus on creating great content and growing your business, they’ll grow your follower base. Tree Frog is another Instagram growth service promising its users organic growth over time.

Hashtags link your photo to targeted communities, niches and keywords that people search for like #healthybreakfastideas in my cooking niche. These communities, groups and people searching for content that’s relevant to them are less likely to see your posts without hashtags. For every post, use a mix of topically relevant hashtags such as #woodconstruction for a carpentry company, for example, as well as trending, super popular hashtags wherever you can.

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