Over $100 million was made from metaverse land sales in one week

There is no doubt that interest in the fact that Metaverse and associated features like virtual lands and virtual real estate is on a romp presently. In fact, available data from DappRadar... Read more »

Coinbase forays into Israel market with Unbound Security acquisition

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is all set to acquire a cryptographic security company called Unbound security, an Israel-based firm that offers a protected multi-party computational technology. The exchange is also looking forward... Read more »

Shiba Inu makes a comeback, but are meme coins sustainable long term?

Shiba Inu hit a two-week high on Tuesday, of $0.00005463, before profit-taking gave up most of the gains to close the day at $0.00004729. Source: SHIBUSDT on TradingView.com Following an incredible October,... Read more »

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter exit sparks speculation of full-time Bitcoin role

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced on Monday that he’s resigning his position at the company, sparking rumors of moving into a dedicated crypto role. In a resignation letter posted on the social... Read more »

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposes fix for high gas fees

Crypto billionaire Vitalik Buterin has suggested a new short-term solution to curb soaring gas prices on the Ethereum network. The solution involves a new network upgrade that reduces the transaction calldata cost... Read more »

This DeFi founder explains why all users need a multi-chain wallet

CryptoSlate recently had the opportunity to chat with Emile, the co-founder and CEO of multi-chain DeFi wallet XDEFI. XDEFI Wallet’s Chrome extension is engineered to deliver the fastest possible experience for DeFi... Read more »

Diving in: Why are 81% of Ethereum’s Beacon Chain nodes in the U.S. and Europe?

Ethereum was the first generalist blockchain to popularize Decentralize Finance (DeFI) through its use of smart contracts. In turn, they created a rich ecosystem of dApps as web interfaces to the blockchain’s... Read more »

Bitcoin processes more dollar value than PayPal, could surpass Mastercard by 2026

Market intelligence platform Blockdata has suggested in a new report Bitcoin could outstrip credit card giant Mastercard in the number of dollar transactions value processed. Bitcoin processes more dollar value than PayPal... Read more »

Jesse Powell addresses reasons for Kraken dropping Monero in the U.K

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell took to Reddit this week to discuss the situation surrounding the dropping of Monero in the U.K. He implied it was a decision he didn’t want to take,... Read more »

Crypto investment firm DFG contributes 200,000 DOT to Efinity’s crowdloan on Polkadot

Digital Finance Group (DFG), a global crypto investment firm, has allocated 200,000 DOT to Efinity’s crowdloan. The allocation, worth over $7 million at press time, is the second time DFG invested in... Read more »